Our world is moving at a rapid pace. Technological development is happening overnight, presenting a different world every morning. Our world is driven by global connectivity, allowing the worldwide economy to grow seemingly endlessly. The human race successfully developed a standard of living unmatched by any of our predecessors; one that someone a hundred years ago could only dream of having. 


These newly achieved levels of freedom and excessive wealth do not benefit everyone. This profit-driven growth clearly widens the gap between rich and poor, on both the local and international level. While we have the ability to successfully push boundaries, it is about time for us to continue to do so in a more social, constructive way. 


To my opinion the underlying principle that is holding us from change in our world is fear. Fear has seem to lay the base of our global thinking leading us into a conflictious society that has led to a separation of a world that is supposed to be one. It is fear that stops us from helping the other and instead fighting him in was. It is fear that stops projects on free energy for al humanity, afraid that the economy will shrink. It is fear that creates a system in which we stop acting and begin following.

It is not the world that needs to change us, it is us that need to change the world. A minor shift in our habits could make a major shift on a world scale.  

Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered - either by themselves or by others.
— Mark Twain

To accelerate this process of change we can start with some basic and practical principles. A decent way of living for all beings simply starts with a safe home, good food and fresh water. By aiming for this and change our habit of self-help into the help of others we enter a snowball effect in which every human gets a possibility to thrive. 

We should not wait for a new world, we have to become that new world and act as one.