varanasi, mousa

Everybody dies in the end without property, without money… If you die here, you burn. So what does it mean then to have money or a big house. If you die, other people will use it…



Mousa, a young man of twenty four, lives already half his life in Varanasi. Grown up in the slums of Delhi he was forced to live with his dad in the holiest city of India. Why? Simply because his mum and grandmother could not afford to have him anymore. With the small salary that his father owned being a ceremony assistant, Mousa started guiding tourist around in order to survive. On a lucky day he will get two dollars.

Although India is getting wealthier when viewing upon the economic growth, the poverty level remains immense and millions of people continue living poor and destitute according to the statistic (Chandy and Amp; Gertz 2011). The impact of this staggering poverty is mostly seen in cities such as Varanasi, the largest city of India’s poorest state Uttar Pradesh. Huge and crowed places where there are simply more people than possibilities.

A possibility for Mousa to build up a living would be to open a shop, according to him. It would give him a sustainable income on which he could build his life. Dreaming to have a roof above his head and maybe even a family one day, I can simply not resist sharing the possibilities of my world with him.

With only threehunderd dollar Mousa could open his shop; a simple gesture from the Western world that changes a life time. Why not help him?

Thank you,